Harlalka Awards

      The Harlalka Award was instituted in the memory of Late Shri S N Harlalka - an active member and Past President of the Federation. (He was also a Founding Member and Past President of EICMA).

      The award is presented to individuals who have contributed meritoriously to the cause of corrugated  packaging. Contributions could be in any form - technology, innovation, design or towards promotion,  growth and development of corrugated packaging industry.

      The winner is chosen by a 3 member FCBM committee and the award is declared and presented at the Annual Conference of the Federation












Mr Ramchand Arora born in 1954 did his schooling in Chennai and BE Mechanical from B.M.S college of Engg., Bangalore.

He is the eldest son of our illustrious FCBM Past President Late Sri H.P Arora.

He was the student union leader for two consecutive years in his college during emergrency.

He joined his family business of packaging Madras Paper Convertors & Industries in the year 1979. He was been active in SICBMA from the beginning itself.

He is the Past President of SICBMA & FCBM has been associated with Corrugated Packaging Industry for more than 30 years.

He is relentlessly working for the growth and development of corrugated packaging industry through FCBM and SICBMA.

Ramchand Arora is actively associated with several industrial, trade, social organisations. Among them are FCBM, SICBMA, Lions Clubs International, Sindhi Chamber of Commerce, Life member of Presidency Club, Sindi Federation of South India and Bhartiya Sindu Sabha.

During his career Mr Ramchand Arora has occupied several prestigious positions in several organisations.

Right from the day one, he has kept his commitments and has contributed a lot for the betterment of our packaging industry.

He has worked as Chairman& MEMBER of various Subcommittees of FCBM.

He was the editor of”ECHO MAGAZINE” – Published by SICBMA and he has served as an editor of “CORRUGATOR MAGAZINE”, during his period the Corrugator magazine had a face lift.

He was the Editor of published Members directory of FCBM & SICBMA.

He has been an important member of the revision of SICBMA Constitution.

He has headed five FCBM Conferences hosted by SICBMA as Program chairman, Co Chairman of conference, etc.

During his Presidential tenure of FCBM, he has implemented several suggestions of the Guidelines committee including additional revenue for FCBM and also suggested the disciplinary methods for regional associations and MC Members. He also had brought in discipline in conduct of the MC Meeting. FCBM revenue has increased additoinialy by 12 lakhs per annum due to various implementations of guidelines committees’ suggestions.

He has always acted as one of the Spokesperson of Packaging Industry and kept the momentum of fellowship all through his tenure.

His hobbies are reading books, cricket & sports activites,making friends.

Ramchand Arora is happily married and blessed with three daughters.




Shri SJ Ajmera's started his career in the Corrugated Box Manufacturing Industry in 1969 when he went to Mumbai to complete graduate college and started working with Everest Packaging Corp. to become their star. He was one of the key organizers of the 1st ever FCBM Conference held in Mumbai.

After a successful start in the Corrugated Box Manufacturing Industry in Mumbai, he moved to Indore and started Economic Packaging Corporation in 1975 at Dewas.He has won several India Star & Corru Star awards for excellence in packaging design. He was awarded the prestigious Self Made Industrialist Award by the Hon. President of India – Justice Hidayatullah in 1981. He was the founder member of MPCBMA and President MPCBMA for several years.

Shri SJ Ajmera went on to become President FCBM in 2003-04. During his Presidency at FCBM, then Hon. President of India – Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam organized the 1st Nano Technology Conference at Rashtrapati Bhawan and invited him to inaugurate the conference. Later, in his opening address, Dr. Kalam acknowledged that he initiated the conference on receiving of an email from Shri. SJ Ajmera regarding the emergent Nano Technology and the possibilities it presented. A noteworthy fact was that he was the sole representative from industrial sector at this conference while the others were all prominent scientists.

A very popular and active personality, he has been a member of the Managing Committee of FCBM for many years and has represented the federation in various institutions like ISI (BIS). He has been closely associated with Association of Industries, Dewas and been the Vice President of the association for several years. During his tenure as Vice President, he represented various state government agencies and was instrumental in having machine made roads for the Dewas Industrial Area, a big fete in those days as no other Industrial Areas in the entire country had such machine made roads.

A philanthropist by nature has been involved in various social causes. He has the credit of planting over ten thousand trees in the green belts at Dewas and at his paper mill at Bhopal. A keen environmentalist, he has interest in solar power & clean drinking water. Recently entered into an MOU with Sunlabob, Laos - a company of international fame, which has done pioneering work in the field of renewable energy & clean drinking water for masses for last 20 years.



Sri Anil Kumar Reddy, Past President of FCBM & SICBMA has been associated with corrugated packaging industry for past 30 years. He is a Commerce graduate & First generation entrepreneur hailing from an agricultural family in Nellore District of Andhra Pradesh.

Young, vibrant and soft spoken & a self made entrepreneur who had established “NEELADRI PACKAGINGS” in 1985 and he Started “SAMHITA ENTERPRISES” the First Automatic Plant in South India in 1999.

He had reached the pinnacle of achievement in the corrugated packaging industry becoming the President of FCBM in Dec 2008. He has also represented as General Body Member & Regional Committee member of IIP.

He was awarded with “SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARD” by FCBM in 2010 for his outstanding contribution to the development of Corrugated Packaging Industry. He was also awarded the prestigious “UDYOG PATRA AWARD” in 2005 for being a Self Made Industrialist from Dr. Raghuvansh Prasad Singh, Hon’ble Union Minister for Rural Development.

He is relentlessly working for the growth and development of corrugated packaging industry through FCBM and SICBMA.

He has worked as Chairman of Subcommittees & member in all Committees.

He is the office bearer of various prominent Telugu Associations in Chennai. He is the Vice President of Sri Venugopal Vidyalaya School.

Sri Anil Kumar Reddy has many feathers in his cap and was responsible for many landmark achievements:

1.He introduced the concept of Flexo printing in 1993 in the industry which was innovative and followed by industry.

2.As Chairman of New Market Development committee conducted seminar on “Packaging for Fireworks” in Sivakasi which resulted in growth of corrugated industry in that area by many folds.

3.Represented on behalf of SICBMA to Govt. of Tamilnadu and succeeded in removing Entry Tax on Paper and Paper Products in 2002.

4.Represented to Govt. of India on behalf of FCBM for Rationalization of Excise Duty for Corrugated Boxes and succeeded in achieving the exemption of Excise duty on Branded Goods and also got Relief on TDS on Printed Cartons.

5.As a Chairman of Guideline Committee, during this year 2014, he has implemented several suggestions including additional revenue for FCBM and also suggesting the disciplinary methods for regional associations and MC Members.


Mr. Ram Gopal Agarwala

Mr. Ram Gopal Agarwala is M.Com. (Gold Medalist), LLB & Graduate C.W.A. He started Paper Packaging & Corrugated Industry in 1969. Presently he is the Director of Pioneer Packaging Industries (P) Ltd.

Mr. R.G. Agarwala has been actively involved in EICMA and FCBM. He served EICMA in various capacities since 1977 as member of Managing committee, Hon. Secretary, Chairman R & D committee and as President. He has been in the managing committee of FCBM since many years and Chairman of Taxation and became the President of FCBM in 2009-10.

He also served as Co-chairman, Trade reforms and State Taxes Committee of Bharat Chamber of Commerce.

He has presented many papers in technical session in EICMA, FCBM & I.I.P.

His knowledge of Excise and Taxation has continued to provide valuable guidance to members of FCBM.



Mr. Sunil Sethi was born in Amritsar, diid his schooling from Kanpur & Calcutta and Graduated from Delhi University in B.Com (Hons) & became Member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India in 1982. Started career as a practising Chartered Accountant.

Started business of manufacturing Corrugated boxes in 1991 in Delhi. With his intrinsic business acumen Mr. Sethi is engaged in multifarious activities including expanded polystyrene, logistics etc.

As a member of NICMA since over 17 yeas he has been actively associated with NICMA and was President of NICMA for 3 years. As a Member of Managing Committee of FCBM for 12 years, Mr. Sethi has been contributing significantly to the activities and growth of FCBM. He was also the Co-Editor of 'The Corrugator for many years.


Mr M.R.Gopalchary

M.R.Gopalchary was born in Bombay and entered the Corrugated Box industry in 1984. He has been in the managing committee of Andhrapradesh Corrugated Box Mfrs Association and also FCBM nearly the past 20 years.

He has been the secretary, Vice President and also President of APCBMA. He has taken over as President of FCBM on 12th December 2010. Gopalchary is probably the first qualified company secretary to take up the mantle of FCBM.

He had also been attending the Managing committee meetings of Asian Corrugated Case Association (ACCA), more than fifteen times in all the places where such meetings were held across all the Asian Countries and had also served as the Editor of their (ACCA) House magazine for one term and also the Co-Editor of “The Corrugator”- house magazine of FCBM. He has been regularly attending most of FCBM Annual Conferences and had also been one of the participants in the panel discussion twice in these conferences.

Gopalchary is also involved in other business forums like Paper Moulding , Chemicals, Precipitated Silica etc.,

He is associated with a number of Social and cultural organizations as a Life member Viz. ISKCON, Bharatya Vidya Bhavan, South Indian Cultural Association, Tyagaraja Cultural Association Etc.

Gopalchary is happily married and blessed with two sons.

Year Winners
2013 Mr R G Agarwala & Mr. Sunil Sethi
2012 Mr M.R.Gopalchary
2011 Mr. Ramkumar Sunkara - WICMA &
Mr. R.Suresh - KECBMA
2010 Mr. B.D. Kothari
2009 Mr. Satish tyagi & Bharath kedia
2008 Mr. Kirit B. Doshi
2007 Mr. Manohar Shetty
2005 Mr. Subhash Goel & Mr. R.R. Ankola
2004 Mr. Parmod Kumar & Mr. Ashok Vyas
2003 Mr. Santosh K. Lath & Rohit Chopra
2002 Mr. A.K. Goel
2001 Mr. Baldev K. Mehta
2000 Mr. Devchand Gala
1999 Mr. Ashwin Shah & Mr. R. Muthaiyah
1998 Mr. Deepak Killawala
1997 Mr. P.B. Parikh
1996 Mr. Haresh Mehta
1995 Mr. Satish Kapur
1994 Mr. Harish Madan
1993 Mr. Al. Annamalai
1992 Mr. V.P. Goel
1991 Mr. M.D. Shah
1990 Mr. M.L. Agarwal
1989 Mr. B.K. Doshi
1988 Capt. N.K. Dawar
1988 Mr. G.B. Chamaria
1988 Mr. P.D. Shah
1988 Mr. M.K. Mehta
1988 Mr. S.L. Chaudhry
1988 Mr. A.B. Ajmera
1988 Mr. B.A. Shah
1988 Mr. S.S. Raju
1988 Mr. M.L. Mehra
1988 Mr. H.P. Arora
1988 Mr. M.K. Ramasami
1988 Mr. H.B. Ajmera




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