Harlalka Awards

The award is presented to individuals who have contributed meritoriously to the cause of corrugated packaging. Contributions could be in any form - technology, innovation, design or towards promotion, growth and development of corrugated packaging industry.
The winner is chosen by a 3 member FCBM committee and the award is declared and presented at the Annual Conference of the Federation

The Harlalka Award was instituted in the memory of Late Shri S N Harlalka - an active member and Past President of the Federation. (He was also a Founding Member and Past President of EICMA).


Past Harlalka Award Winners List


2023 - Shri K.P. Singh 2022 - Shri Vincent Mathias  
2021 - Shri V. K. Dewan 2021 - Shri Kirit Modi 2020 - Shri K. Arunachallam
2020 - Shri Hemant Saraogi 2019 - Shri Pradip Bosmaya & Shri Dilip Patel 2018 - Shri Greesh Sardana & Shri Sushil Sood
2017 - Shri P.S. Shah & Shri N.X. George 2016 - Shri Milan Kumar Dey 2015 - Shri Ramchand H. Arora
2014 - Shri S.J Ajmera & Shri Anil Kumar Reddy 2013 - Shri R.G. Agarwala & Shri Sunil Sethi 2012 - Shri M. R. Gopalchary
2011 - Shri R. Suresh & Shri Ramkumar Sunkara 2010 - Shri B. D. Kothari 2009 - Shri Bharath Kedia & Shri Satish Tyagi
2008 - Shri Kirit B. Doshi 2007 - Shri Manohar Shetty 2005 - Shri Subhash Goel & Shri R.R. Ankola
2004 - Shri Parmod Kumar & Shri Ashok Vyas 2003 - Shri Rohit Chopra & Shri Santosh K. Lath 2002 - Shri A.K. Goel
2001 - Shri Baldev K. Mehta 2000 - Shri Devchand Gala 1999 - Shri R. Muthaiyah & Shri Ashwin Shah
1998 - Shri Deepak Killawala 1997 - Shri P.B. Parikh 1996 - Shri Haresh Mehta
1995 - Shri Satish Kapur 1994 - Shri Harish Madan 1993 - Shri Al. Annamalai
1992 - Shri V.P. Goel 1991 - Shri M.D. Shah 1990 - Shri M.L. Agarwal
1989 - Shri B.K. Doshi    
1988 - Shri H.B. Ajmera, Shri M.K. Ramasami, Shri H.P. Arora, Shri M.L. Mehra, Shri S.S. Raju, Shri B.A. Shah, Shri A.B. Ajmera, Shri S.L. Chaudhry, Shri M.K. Mehta, Shri P.D. Shah, Shri G.B. Chamaria & Capt. N.K. Dawar

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