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In 1972 when FCBM, the national level body was founded, the corrugated packaging industry was still unorganized with a large number of small units scattered across the country. Pioneering efforts by some leading corrugators in their respective regions resulted in the formation of regional associations of corrugated box manufacturers which provided much needed collective strength and synergy.

The success of the national body, gave momentum to other regions to form their own regional associations under the aegis of the national body. As a result within a few years time the present structure with regional associations representing the local areas and federated under a national body, evolved. The regional chapters today cover the length and breadth of India, and have over the years derived strength from their collective union and simultaneously given it strength.

FCBM as the national body, took up the role of representing the Industry to the Central Government and also became a common ground for interaction of the various constituents of the Federation while the regional associations have their own agenda. This two tier structure has not diluted the role of the regional associations but in fact strengthened them by allowing them to focus on regional issues with the confidence that their national level interests were taken care of.

Activities of the Regional Bodies

The Regional Associations perform the following functions in their respective areas:

  1. Training and education programmes to ensure improvement and up-gradation in technical skills.
  2. Setting up testing laboratories equipped with sophisticated equipments, which aim to increase standardization across the industry and thus improve quality.
  3. Organize packaging exhibitions, which are ideal platforms for display and demonstration of designs and technology in the industry.
  4. Maintaining information on the corrugated packaging industry in their region.
  5. Providing growth and feedback opportunities by organizing buyer-seller meets.
  6. Participating in National and International conferences, exhibitions, seminars through FCBM and benefiting from the mutual exchange of views and information on the latest trends in corrugation technology.
  7. Maintaining close interaction with Kraft paper mills and machinery manufacturers, and others to upgrade the technology.
  8. Complementing FCBM in running various cells concerning R&D, market development, encroachment etc.
  9. Providing services like software development, information on the international packaging calendar, new happenings in India and abroad, etc.

President & Secretary Details of 13 Associations:

Name Designation          Association Mobile No                               Email
Sagar Gala President ACCT 9346784085 , 9849128400
Ram Raj Verma Hon. Secretary ACCT 9849279669
Achyut Chandra President EICMA 9830057060 
Samir Mehta Hon. Secretary EICMA 9331085809
Prahladbhai Patel President GCBMA 9825036650 , 8238075110 ,
Dipak J Patel Hon. Secretary GCBMA 9979898400
Aditya Pal Sood President HPCBMA 7018954202 
Vishal Goel Hon. Secretary HPCBMA 9218684841
Manoj Kumar Daga President KCBMA 9845062865
Sanjay Modi Hon. Secretary KCBMA 9448992440 ,
Xavier Jose President KECBMA 9447093336
P.J Mathew Hon. Secretary KECBMA 9846032814
Sanjeev Sureka President MPCBMA 9826053542
Amit Jain Hon. Secretary MPCBMA 9425056271 
Harish Jairath President NICMA 9818798566, 9811470029 ,
Rohit Sareen Hon. Secretary NICMA 9312434746
Raj Kumar Garg President PCBMA 9815335505 , 9814052015
Kapil Jain Hon. Secretary PCBMA 9872012545 , 9878012545 ,
Hemendra Agarwal President RCBMA 9414066965
Lohit Agarwal Hon. Secretary RCBMA 9928196219
S. Ramesh President SICBMA 9444058133
R.Babu Hon. Secretary SICBMA 9840898222 , 7667860003
Rajendra Bhati President UPCBMA 9811138884
Ravish Dikshit Hon. Secretary UPCBMA 9811045559
Kirti Kumar Gandhi President WICMA 9923333600,
Shlok Kedia Hon. Secretary WICMA 9322297273

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