President Message

My Dear Members,

I wish to thank each and every member of FCBM for reposing faith in me and appointing me as the president for FCBM.

Seeing the current market scenario where all the sectors are performing low, this is the time we need to realise the power of this association in a better manner. FCBM equips us with latest technological know how in the industry with the best of training courses started by our esteemed Seminars & Workshops committee team which is headed by Shri Ram kumar Sunkara. Our level 1 course which was initiated in term of Shri Pradip Bosmaya has already flourished its wings majorly in all the regions and infact the team has even come up with further enriching level 2 course which takes the duty of FCBM of imparting education to even a higher level. I wish to see in my tenure that 100% regions should get to finish both the levels simultaneously. And we’ll make full efforts to even start with level 3 & level 4 courses in some of the regions.

As I mentioned in my speech in the AGM that I wish to kick start some programmes with respect to skill development of our labour with the help of Shri Ram Kumar Sunkara and other senior members of FCBM, so that it could deep down help each and every member of our association to stream line their production activities in a better productive manner.

I wish to see that avenues for income of FCBM should also increase whether it’s from efforts of our website team or even from the way of collaboration with associations like IPAMA, Reeds India and many more possible associations still to get associated with our esteemed Association FCBM.

Since we are about to enter in our golden jubilee year celebrations and with continual efforts put in by our membership drive committee we wish to add maximum number of new members with our association and even pursue the options to get our association connected to newer regions( states) which still have not got connected with FCBM.

In the end I would like to request all the members of FCBM to whole heartedly give their support with respect to their workings in different committees and help our association reach a greater height. We will be shortly sharing the list of Committee Chairmen and members of the new Managing Committee.


Warm Regards




Past Presidents

Industry Overview

125 Years of the Corrugated Packaging Industry

The booming Indian economy and a flourishing organised retail have raised the expectations that consumption of corrugated packaging will begin to expand again as the number and volume of goods packaged in corrugated increases. MNCs are demanding corrugated boxes of international standards and the pattern of buying the packaging is changing.

Prices of corrugated sheet and converted boxes have remained low due to the over-capacity, manual operations and low productivity. Besides, transport constraints and high freight costs have meant that small to medium sized corrugated box plants are located near the customers.

The over 4,000 corrugated board and sheet plants are highly labour-intensive, employing over half a million people – both directly and indirectly. The industry is converting about 2 million tons of Kraft paper into corrugated boxes. Factories are spreadout in all parts of India, even in the remote industrially backward areas.

This present scenario is already being challenged by the sweeping changes that are beginning to take shape. More and more in-line automatic plants are being set up, as corrugated box makers gear up to meet the new demands for high precision boxes with attractive graphics and large integrated production capacities.

Future Trends

  • Increasing demand and high volumes will trigger consolidation and setting up of large automatic plants.
  • Inline Automatic Board and Box making plants will ease out the present semi automatic production processes.
  • Deployment of Folder Gluers, Rotary Diecutters will be on the increase.
  • Use of corrugated for display/promotional packs, POPs and dispensers.
  • Advances in multicolour, flexo printing will facilitate in-house flexo printing and do away with screen printing, contract printing on offset presses.
  • The emergence of e-commerce, reverse bidding, concept of First Pak will give large scale units the advantage of competitiveness and the concept of locating corrugated box units nearer to user locations will become obsolete.
  • Large Corporates and Bulk users of corrugated boxes looking for single/multiple alternative vendors – capable of meeting stringent specifications, offering alternative designs, test-in-time deliveries at optimum cost.
  • Growing interest in machines made in China, Taiwan and other Asian countries.
  • Many machinery manufacturers entering into alliances with Chinese, Taiwanese manufacturers for manufacturing/marketing.

Managing Committee 2019 - 20



Office Bearers

V. K. Dewan

Mobile No : 9829200543

Email Id : vkdewan1944[at]

Milan Kumar Dey
Vice President I

Mobile No : 9830056963
Email Id : milandey[at]

Vineet Jain
Vice President II

Mobile No : 9302103234

Email Id : girnarpack[at]


Deenu Shetty
Hon. Secretary

Mobile No : 9820134832
Email Id : sunrise.pkg[at]

Rohit Bubna
Hon. Treasurer

Mobile No : 9987819000
Email Id : rohit[at]

K Arunachallam
Ex. Officio

Mobile No : 9600069880
Email Id : skaruna5[at]



Dilip Patel

Mobile No : 9702305333
Email Id : dilippatel[at]

Ankkit Agarwal

Mobile No : 9849002022
Email Id : aa[at]                            

Rajarshee Datta

Mobile No : 9830281569
Email Id : rajarshee.nationalgroup[at]



Committee  Members

  Name Designation Association Mobile Email Id
1 Sudarshan G. Chary Member ACCT 9866996090 chary_pp[at]
2 S. Ram Raj Varma Member ACCT 9849279669 compackcontainers[at]
3 Achyut Chandra Member EICMA 9830057060 achyut_chandra[at]
4 Biplab Kumar Datta Member EICMA 9830056711 bkdatta.national[at]
5 Hemant Saraogi Member EICMA 9830044187 kigkraft[at]
6 Bharath Kedia Member EICMA 9830086487 paperpackindustries[at]
7 Jayesh K. Patel Member GCBMA 9979286588 patelpaperproduct[at]
8 Bharatbhai Patel Member GCBMA 9898574814 bharat.shreerangam[at]
9 Nitin B Patel Member GCBMA 9825020325 ishan_268[at]
10 Pulkit Shah Member GCBMA 9825604443 pnshah[at]
11 Sunilbhai Purswani Member GCBMA 9426019699 royalpackind[at]; royalsunilsp[at]
12 Amrutlal V Bhut Member GCBMA 9825231577 amrutpatel[at]
13 Vijaybhai Patel Member GCBMA 9824076610 nehalpackaging[at]
14 Pankaj Yadav Member GCBMA 9824047183 pankaj[at]
15 Dipakbhai J. Patel Member GCBMA 9979898400 parth223183[at]
16 Mansukhbhai Sangani Member GCBMA 9825211958 ompackaging15[at]
17 Hemraj Choudhary Member HPCBMA 9882355991 hemchoudhary45[at]
18 Sanjeev Jain Member HPCBMA 9253605200 arihantpacker36[at]
19 Vishal Goel Member HPCBMA 9218684841 giriraj.industries86[at]
20 T.M. Raghavan Member KACBMA 9844033763[at]
21 Deepak Agarwal Member KACBMA 9845098079 mail[at]; deepak[at]
22 P.J Mathew Member KECBMA 9846032814 mathewpj[at]
23 K. Krishnan Member KECBMA 9447178595 escortpackagings[at]
24 Vijay Bangur Member MPCBMA 9200094000, 9425093081 bangur555[at]
25 Aditya Raj Modi Member MPCBMA 9425019361 adityamodi1501[at]; okcpl_bpl[at]
26 M.C. Gupta Member NICMA 9810096501 vishalpackers[at]
27 R.K.Bansal Member NICMA 9811092490 rkbans[at]
28 Jeevan Nayar Member PCBMA 9814024558 nayarpackers[at]
29 Vinod Kumar Garg Member RCBMA 9828554909 harshenterprisesmanda16[at]
30 Lohit Agarwal Member RCBMA 9928196219 linuspacks[at]
31 Sumit Goel Member RCBMA 9829069467 balajipaper2006[at]
32 K.Krishna Reddy Member SICBMA 9381039567, 7708066776 yeskaypack[at]; kurugantikreddy[at]
33 S.Ramesh Member SICBMA 9444058133 sripackg[at]
34 A.P. Anburaj Member SICBMA 9840045644 homeanbu[at]; apapackage2008[at]
35 K. Rajasankkar Member SICBMA 9444031366, 8148631498 rajasankkar[at]
36 S. Balavassudevan Member SICBMA 9600144555 lathaindbala[at]
37 G. Raj Kumar Member SICBMA 9840951789, 9840931789 kumarpack[at]
38 M.S. Rajessh Member SICBMA 9843140497 rajessh[at]
39 E V Radhakrishnan Member SICBMA 9364443579 admin[at]
40 S.Sanjeeth Member SICBMA 9894862277 geminipack[at]
41 S.K.Chauhan Member UPCBMA 9212322146 noidabox[at]
42 Sandeep Arora Member UPCBMA 9415161655, 8808796596 mazdass[at]
43 K.P. Singh Member UPCBMA 9811693896, 9899010633 vividh_pack[at]; kushal.pundir07[at]
44 Hitesh Singh Member UPCBMA 9810076814   monarch.packageacct[at]; monark_package[at]
45 Vincent Mathias Member WICMA 9322882058 ho[at]
46 Ram Kumar Sunkara Member WICMA 9820086841 ramkumarsunkara[at]
47 Shridhar Prabhu Member WICMA 9823073763 dolly.paper[at]
48 Bharat Parekh Member WICMA 9820135558, 8369029056 parekhbharat[at]
49 Vinay Patel Member WICMA 9820060573 vinaypatel44[at]
50 Mayank Mehta Member WICMA 9822042216 cam[at]
51 Anil Loya Member WICMA 9326200899 akanksha_packs[at]


Regional Presidents

  Name Designation Association Mobile Email Id
1 M.V.M. Bharat Regional President ACCT 9849011269 mbpackers[at]
2 Mohit Bajaj Regional President EICMA 9331235444, 8100111075 goodluckkolkata[at]
3 Prahladbhai Patel Regional President GCBMA 9825036650, 8238075110 gcbma72[at]; pupatel241[at]
4 Surinder Jain Regional President HPCBMA 9318866521 dfpbaddi[at]; surender66521[at]
5 Alok Agarwal Regional President KCBMA 9880055322 alok[at]
6 Xavier Jose Regional President KECBMA 9447093336 plymaster.malipuram[at]
7 Sanjeev Sureka Regional President MPCBMA 9826053542 surekapaper[at]
8 Harish Jairath Regional President NICMA 9818798566, 9811470029 jairathharish[at]; prateekjairath[at]
9 Raj Kumar Garg Regional President PCBMA 9815335505, 9814052015 deepakrkgarg[at]
10 Rajeev Katta Regional President RCBMA 9829016240, 9314016240 rajeevkatta[at]
11 Nagaraj G Regional President SICBMA 9840746677, 8098102029 pactroinc[at]; nagaraj[at]
12 Rajendra Bhati Regional President UPCBMA 9811138884 kevinpackers[at]
13 Kirti Kumar Gandhi Regional President WICMA 9923333600 kirti.gandhi[at]


Past Presidents

  Name Designation Association Mobile Email Id
1 B.A. Shah Past President WICMA 9820344446 bashah[at]
2 Shyamsunder Kejriwal Past President WICMA 9821089593 shyam[at]; sales[at]
3 Pankaj D. Shah Past President WICMA 9820052350 supack[at]
4 Satish Kapur Past President EICMA 9831023150 satishkapur45[at] ; mahadevpaper[at]
5 M.L. Agarwal Past President ACCT 9848044475 mla[at]
6 M.D. Shah Past President WICMA 9322215162 mdjhobalia[at]
7 Pradeep K. Jain Past President NICMA 9811191422  
8 Al. Annamalai Past President KCBMA 9886144488 al.annamalai5[at]
9 R. Muthaiyah Past President SICBMA 9841820035 jayantpack[at]
10 Deepak Killawala Past President WICMA 9820067601 boxcraft[at]
11 Ashwin A. Shah Past President GCBMA 9824041499 supack[at]
12 Devchand Gala Past President ACCT 9346784085 vistashyd[at]
13 Baldev Mehta Past President WICMA 9821091046 ckgroup878[at]
14 Rohit Chopra Past President NICMA 9873407607 choprarohit24[at]
15 Santosh K. Lath Past President SICBMA 9840042843 santoshlath[at]
16 Ashok Vyas Past President WICMA 9920849888 ashokpvyas[at]
17 S.J. Ajmera Past President MPCBMA 9893030910 ecopack[at]; ecopack1975[at]
18 Harish Madan Past President NICMA 9873623249 harishmadan[at]
19 Manohar Shetty Past President KCBMA 9845026376 skipl.mss[at]
20 Kirit B. Doshi Past President WICMA 9821065079 kiritbdoshi[at]
21 Satish Tyagi Past President UPCBMA 9811407060 satishtyagi[at]
22 Anil Kumar Reddy Past President SICBMA 9841033663 anilfcbm[at]
23 R.G. Agarwala Past President EICMA 9831207166 director[at]
24 M.R. Gopalchary Past President ACCT 9391007617 mrg.fcbm[at]
25 Sunil Sethi Past President NICMA 9810073645 ssethi2010[at]
26 R.R. Ankola Past President WICMA 9821031084 rajendra.ankola[at]
27 P.S. Shah Past President GCBMA 9825064197 creativecorrugating[at]
28 N.X. George Past President KECBMA 9847031289 superpampa01[at]; pampasuper01[at]
29 Greesh Sardana Past President HPCBMA 9418038989, 8813800555 greeshsardana[at]
30 Pradip Bosmaya Past President WICMA 9082478062, 9820153019 pradipbosmaya[at]



  Name Designation Association Mobile Email Id
1 Aditya Sharma Invitee ACCT 9849098961 amritpackaging[at]
2 Sudeep Chandra Invitee ACCT 9849033376 classpackaging[at]
3 G. Tirupathi Rao Invitee ACCT 9393645577 mokshagnatejapackages[at]
4 Gautam Sharma Invitee ACCT 9849005878 jagson_packaging[at]
5 Narendra Kumar Jhunjhunwala Invitee EICMA 9748572778, 9163304919 narayani.narendra[at]
6 Chetan Y Shah Invitee EICMA 9830043888 cysakshar[at]
7 Pradip Agarwal Invitee EICMA 9831017092 shreevikas299[at]; svp_cfcs[at]
8 Dharmendra V. Pandya Invitee GCBMA 9998066609 vivapkg[at]; geomaitri[at]
9 Bhavindrabhai Taneja Invitee GCBMA 9099078152, 9426052422 btaneja12[at]
10 Prayesh Bhayani Invitee GCBMA 9925170161 prayeshbhayani[at]
11 Sanjay Patel Invitee GCBMA 9825488811 labhpackers4833[at]
12 Jay Vekriya Invitee GCBMA 9925448852 vrundavan52[at]
13 Rakeshbhai Invitee GCBMA 9979643123 perfectpack_morbi[at]
14 Piyush R Kavathiya Invitee GCBMA 9638199909 csprintpack[at]
15 Gagan Kapoor Invitee HPCBMA 9418061111[at]
16 Aditya Pal Sood Invitee HPCBMA 9816080099 adityasood39[at]
17 Rajiv Gulati Invitee HPCBMA 9996655194, 9896700072 rajivgulati262[at]; packwell.containers[at]
18 Ankit Sardana Invitee HPCBMA 9896331111 ankitsardana[at]
19 Mahesh Bhanushali Invitee HPCBMA 9318020505, 9805022505 riyapackers[at]; riyapackers1[at]
20 Raman Aggarwal Invitee HPCBMA 9876310001 raman[at]; raman.aggarwall[at]
21 Manish Bothra Invitee KCBMA 9341227771 manishbothra1974[at]
22 Amit Parasrampuria Invitee KCBMA 9845452880 acct.shivamindustries[at]
23 Sanjay Modi Invitee KCBMA 9448992440 multipackagingblr[at]
24 R. Suresh Invitee KECBMA 9447036037 streddiar[at]
25 G. Rajeeve Invitee KECBMA 9446546067 rajasreepacks[at]
26 Praveen Peter Invitee KECBMA 9947055888 ponpack[at]
27 Amit Jain Invitee MPCBMA 9425056271 girnarpack[at]
28 Manish Ranka Invitee MPCBMA 9425052807, 9300088851   md[at]; pratibhapackwell[at]
29 Sobran Singh Tomar Invitee MPCBMA 9425111031 poorva.packagings[at]
30 Akshay Khore Invitee MPCBMA 9425052907 kskhore[at]
31 Subhash Goel Invitee NICMA 9810006961 bharatpaper1[at]
32 Raj Kamal Jindal Invitee NICMA 9810027070 cargopackagings[at]
33 Alok Gupta Invitee NICMA 9810000505, 8810540034 alokgupta.cmc[at]; alokudyog[at]
34 Kapil Jain Invitee PCBMA 9872012545, 9878012545 creativepack[at]; kapiljain[at]
35 Kuldeep Singh Makkar Invitee PCBMA 9888122249, 9888585000 makkarpacks[at]
36 Ajay Gambhir Invitee PCBMA 8146671608 gdenterprises1998[at]
37 Hemendra Agarwal Invitee RCBMA 9828018314, 9414066965 cmd[at]
38 Vijay Gurbani Invitee RCBMA 9414050748, 9829053901 Vijaygurbani[at]
39 Rahul Dewan Invitee RCBMA 9829854543 dewanrahul[at]
40 Gaurav Mangal Invitee RCBMA 9694888868, 9314502918 ompacks[at]
41 Akhil Khandelwal Invitee RCBMA 9784000783, 9414250084 rrpacker[at]
42 M.V.Suresh Babu Invitee SICBMA 8190911112, 9940044833 papercraft.chennai[at]
43 Raj Sudheer Invitee SICBMA 8015025570, 8015025571 millenium.rajsudheer[at]
44 R. Selvaraj Invitee SICBMA 9380388188 selvaraj[at]
45 S. Thirumoorthi Invitee SICBMA 9865212102, 8248414665 vstmoorthi[at]
46 L.Jeyachandran Invitee SICBMA 9994354166 bhoomikapackaging[at]
47 Sushil Kumar Sood Invitee UPCBMA 9911322359   multiply56[at]; multiplypackaging[at]
48 A. S. Dutta Invitee UPCBMA 9810049797 spsales17[at]
49 Navin Kumar Jain Invitee UPCBMA 9336100754, 9839103015 navinkumar3015[at]
50 K. Saseendran Invitee UPCBMA 9810070908 saseendran1947[at]; bharatpkg[at]
51 Amitabh Tiwari Invitee UPCBMA 9415050323 shardapackaging1962[at]
52 Prakash Kanodia Invitee UPCBMA 9839085062 rollpack7[at]
53 Pratap Puranik Invitee WICMA 9422581400 pratappuranik[at]
54 Navin Saraogi Invitee WICMA 7507200017 navinbpack[at]
55 Keshav Paratkar Invitee WICMA 9422203326 saubhadrapackaging[at]; paratkarkeshav[at]
56 Haresh Mehta Invitee WICMA 9821055523 jaynapkg[at]; haresh1353[at]
57 Shlok Kedia Invitee WICMA 9322297273 shlokkedia[at]
58 Vijay Panjabi Invitee WICMA 9890174174 vijay.panjabi15[at]
59 Nirmal Sadgir Invitee WICMA 9822939323 nirmalsadgir[at]; sales[at]

Sub-Committees 2019-20


Deparment Name Mobile Email
Taxation Manohar Shetty 9845026376 skipl.mss[at]
Research & Development and Workshops Ram Kumar Sunkara 9820086841 ramkumarsunkara[at]
New Market Development Achyut Chandra 9830057060 achyut_chandra[at]
Paper Mill Co-ordination
Alok Agarwal 9880055322 alok[at]
Website M.V.M. Bharat 9849011269 mbpackers[at]
Membership Drive Amit Jain 9425056271 girnarpack[at]
Grievances Anil Kumar Reddy 9841033663 anilfcbm[at]
BIS K.P. Singh 9811693896 vividh_pack[at];
ICCA Director Vincent Mathias 9322882058 ho[at]
ICCA Representative Ankkit Agarwal 9849002022 aa[at]


FCBM-ICCMA Co-ordination Members

Designation Name Mobile Email
Co-ordination Member Rohit Chopra 9873407607 choprarohit24[at]
Co-ordination Member Hemant Saraogi 9830044187 kigkraft[at]
Co-ordination Member Manohar Shetty 9845026376 skipl.mss[at]
Editor - The Corrugator Ashok Vyas 9920849888 ashokpvyas[at]
Co-Editor - The Corrugator Hemant Saraogi 9830044187 kigkraft[at]
Chairman - Cost Index Manohar Shetty 9845026376 skipl.mss[at]
Co-Chairman - Cost Index Ram Kumar Sunkara 9820086841 ramkumarsunkara[at]


  • Act as a spokesperson of the industry and effectively represent issues to concerned authorities
  • To work for the betterment and growth of the industry
  • Encourage and initiate Research & Development in corrugated packaging and related areas
  • Organise Conference and Seminars
  • Participate and Support Industry exhibition in India and abroad
  • Support the growth of Regional Associations
  • Work for a healthy fraternal feeling among members
  • Establish FCBM Standards and Publish Technical Booklet
  • Publish Quarterly Magazine.

Besides acting as a spokesperson for the industry, the Federation organizes seminars, annual conferences and other meets and brings out a quarterly magazine – “The Corrugator”, which has attained immense popularity as a vehicle of information on corrugated packaging.

In order to instill a feeling of healthy competition and to encourage innovation the Federation has instituted ‘Corrustar’ Awards, which are presented annually for excellence in corrugated packaging in India.

Some of these packages have gained international recognition by winning the Asiastar and Worldstar Awards.

The Federation has brought out several books on practical Standards, Test Methods and Technical Booklets for the benefit of both manufacturers and users of corrugated boxes.

The Federation and its Regional Associations have been conducting Training and Education programmes at various centres, in order to ensure that technically qualified personnel are available for the industry and to keep them abreast with the latest developments.

Testing laboratories, equipped with sophisticated equipments, have been set up at regional centres to assist both the manufacturers and consumers of corrugated boxes in developing packaging of standard quality.

The Regional Associations of the Federation also organize on regular basis, packaging exhibitions, which provide a platform for display and demonstration of latest developments in the field.

The Federation conduct ‘Survey of the Industry’, every year, to prepare a data base which will serve as a guideline for the direction the industry needs to take for future growth. Computer programmes and software packages have been developed by the Federation for the benefit of the members.

test-about us

Officio Members of FCBM

Dear Friends,

Another year gone. Another one beckons, I wish all of you Happy New Year. New Year always brings hope and aspirations and let us start our efforts to fulfill our hope.

First of all let me sincerely thank you for the trust you bestowed in electing me to the highest office of our Federation. My predecessors have done wonderful job. We bear witness to the enduring strength of our Fraternity in Federation.

Lot many changes are taking place everyday and very positive and a matter to boost the economy, the stable government is formed, after the lapses of several years, and addressing the need to shape up India’s industrial prominence, our Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s agenda for development started with the unveil of “MAKE IN INDIA” a global phenomenon focusing on transforming the country into the world’s largest manufacturing hub.

The Make in India campaign is going to bring the packaging industry into limelight. When you “Make in India” you are going to “Pack in India”. Almost all products are being packed in corrugated Boxes. Today we continue a never ending journey to bridge the requirement of consumer by constantly innovating to keep up with changing demand as well as to stand out in increasingly competitive environment. If we update ourselves with the time, with circumstances and with new generation, having new ideas, we will have an opportunity to be more creative than ever before.

As the time has changed let us change ourselves too and pledge faithfully that we can meet any unmet demand of consumer by our innovative ideas and creations.

A number of steps have been taken by government to speed up green clearances but the government is also considering the suggestions to achieve its twin goals of economic growth and environmental protection. Save the trees, Save the planet. In order to save the trees, wooden boxes will have to be substituted by Corrugated Boxes. No doubt in most of the cases wooden boxes have already been replaced by Corrugated Boxes. But let us try to replace the same totally in the interest of balancing ecology as well as economic growth and hence it is vital that innovative ideas will only help achieve the goal.

As the “MAKE IN INDIA” campaign will trigger the manufacturing Industries, which will further trigger the consumption of packaging material this in turn will bring direct demand for techno-experts in packaging. Indian Institute of Packaging is going to start degree course is most welcome step. But the demand for qualified-technical experts cannot be met, unless- more and more academical institutions are opened up throughout the nation. Atleast all the region should organise technical sessions and educational institutes should offer the course in packaging in all regions.

E-commerce is now a booming sector in India and depends on corrugated packages, which is expected to further aid the growth in the packaging Industry. Growth of manufacturing segment in India will itself increase the need for packaging and related opportunities. There are number of companies that need packaging professionals in the country.

With the changing of time and habits of consumer we will have to think and innovate to meet consumer’s unmet needs to be successful. Incase of fruits and vegetables etc. We can definitely innovate the packaging which may help us to sell our boxes as product item instead of tailor-type item. We have already witnessed and seen the boxes of same type which can be used as product item in case of grapes, apple and mangoes packaging. It is a matter of persuasion and innovation for us to develop the boxes as product item for Lemon, Tomatoes and other variety of Vegetable & Fruits. I am more than confident and sure that our industry can and will develop such packings without fail. There are genius and innovative minds in our industry backed by the experience and highly technical seniors services at our disposal-all having welfare about the packaging industry at heart and keen to help, which has taken our Federation to such high esteemed level. So all my predecessors have offered their helping hand to me for the betterment of industry.

Even the Chairman of New Market Development- Committee Mr. Milan Dey is working very hard on all such issues-and will be happy to share the views expressed by any of our friends in FCBM. He is keen that this is the joint efforts of all the regions and all regional president has to come forward with the ideas and views for the betterment of industry. Friends let us join hands together & pave a way to tape the venues for corrugated boxes so long remaining untapped.

The team GCBMA were working day and night for the successful implementation of 43rd conference of FCBM at Udaipur in December 2014. Their admirable efficiency and warm hospitality ensure that delegates from all over India & abroad enjoyed themselves and got the most they can from the conference. The conference was filled with fellowship, fun & enrichment. I am sure those who have attended the conference carry sweet memories of the pinnacle experience at Conference in Udaipur.

To conclude I look forward to your suggestions and co-operation and support to take FCBM to further height of glory. I also seek the guidance and advise from past presidents and my seniors to steer the way to progress & glory of FCBM.

With warm Regards,

Sincerely Yours
P. S. Shah
Ex. Officio FCBM

Chairman -Website Committee

Welcome to FCBM - the Federation of Corrugated Box Manufacturers of India.

FCBM - the apex body of India’s corrugated packaging industry is regarded as one of the most active and well organized trade bodies in the country.

Activities of the FCBM include: Research & Development; Establishing and Publishing Standards and Technical Booklets; Encouraging excellence through CORRUSTAR Awards. Publishing “THE CORRUGATOR” magazine and organizing Technical Seminars.

This website keeps you informed of the activities and events of the Federation besides highlighting statutory regulations for Corrugated box makers from time to time.

We have also introduced Classified sectionfor members to make use of.

The Annual Conference of FCBM is organized and hosted by one of the Regional Associations – every year. Last year’s conference - was organized by Kerala Association.

The forthcoming 45nd FCBM Conference will be held in Chandigarh in November 2016.

All new website has been launched on 08 September 2016.

We do hope you’ll browse through the various pages and give us your feedback to enable us to update and improve the content.

Shri M V M Bharat
Website Committee

Welcome to FCBM

The Federation of Corrugated Box Manufacturers (FCBM) of India is the apex body of India’s corrugated packaging industry with a membership of over 2000 corrugated box manufacturers.

FCBM is regarded as one of the most active and well organize trade bodies in the country.

Established in 1971, the Federation comprises of 12 Associations, each representing a geographical area of the country. Membership of the Federation can be gained through membership of any of these regional associations.

Over the years, FCBM has significantly expanded its scope and its broad aims include:
1. Represent and safeguard the interests of the industry
2. Explore and create new markets for the corrugated boxes
3. Create awareness on the advantages of corrugated boxes as a means of packaging.
4. Provide a common forum for the entire corrugated industry to promote exchange of ideas in all areas of interest
5. Take up research and development activities to continuously upgrade the technology and skills required to grow and compete
6. Promote a fraternal feeling amongst members of the industry

1. Federation of Association of Small Industries in India (FASII)
2. Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI)
3. International Corrugated Case Association(ICCA)

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