President Message

This year all across our country we have had plentiful rainfall and in some areas more than needed causing misery and hardship to the residents. Anyway we can hope that agriculture sector picks up which in turn will boost industrial and FMCG demand and translate in upswing in business for our industry too. Several sectors of the industry have been witnessing a stagnation or negative growth over this year and which has led to glut in our industry too. Coupled with relatively lower kraft paper prices, the competition in our business has only intensified.

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Office Bearers

  • K. Arunachallam


  • Shri V. K. Dewan

    Vice President I

  • Milan Kumar Dey

    Vice President II

  • Deenu Shetty

    Hon. Secretary

  • Vinay Patel

    Hon. Treasurer

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The Federation of Corrugated Box Manufacturers (FCBM) of India is the apex body of India’s corrugated packaging industry with a membership of over 2000 corrugated box manufacturers.FCBM is regarded as one of the most active and well organized trade bodies in the country.Established in 1971, the Federation comprises of 12 Associations, each representing a geographical area of the country. Membership of the Federation can be gained through membership of any of these regional associations.Over the years, FCBM has significantly expanded its scope and its broad aims include

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