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S. No. Title  
1 Budget Speech - 2023 View
2 Finance_Bill - 2023 View
3 Budget At a Glance - 2023 View
4 Key Features of Budget 2023 View
5 Key_to_Budget_Document_2023 View
6 Union Budget 2021 on Direct Tax Proposals View
7 Union Budget 2021 Containing Changes under Customs and Central Excise View
8 Union Budget 2021 containing Changes under GST View
9 Budget 2020 Changes View
10 Interim Budget 2019 Highlights View
11 Central Excise Notification No. 6/2010 Dated 27.02.2010 View
12 Central budget implications2010-11 View
13 Central Excise Notification No. 10/2010 Dated 27.02.2010 View
14 First Reaction to Union Budget View
15 Central Excise Notification No. 4/2011 Dated 01.03.2011 View
16 General implications of the Budget 2011 & effective dates of implementation View
17 Central Excise Tariff Codes(w.e.f 1.3.2011) View
18 Central Excise Notification 12/2012 Dated 17.3.2012 View
19 Central Excise Tariff Codes(w.e.f 17.3.2012) View
20 First Reaction to Union Budge View
21 Indirect Taxes.Tariff.UB1213.120316 View
22 C.E. Notification No.12.2012. Dated 17.03.12 View
23 Pre Budget 2013 : Guidelines13-14 View
24 Union Budget Key Features 2013-14 View
25 First Reaction - Union Budget 2013-14 View
26 Indirect Taxes Non Tariff Union Budget 2013-14 View
27 Pre Budget 2013 : Guidelines View
28 First Reaction to Interim Budget 2014 - 17.2.2014 View
29 Indirect Taxes - Tariff Union Budget Interim -17.2.2014 View
30 Budget Highlights - 10.7.2014 View
31 Pre Budget 2015 : Guidelines View
32 First Reaction to Interim Budget 2015 - 28.2.2015 View

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