Sub-Committees 2020-21


Deparment Name SubCommDesignation Mobile Email1
Taxation Alok Gupta Chairman 9810000505,
Research & Development Ram Kumar Sunkara Chairman 9820086841
NMDC Achyut Chandra Chairman 9830057060
PMCC Alok Agarwal Chairman 9880055322
Website M.V.M. Bharat Chairman 9849011269
Grievances Anil Kumar Reddy Chairman 9841033663
BIS K.P. Singh Chairman 9811693896,
ICCA Vincent Mathias ICCA Director 9322882058
ICCA Ankkit Agarwal ICCA Representative 9849002022
The Corrugator Ashok Vyas Editor 9920849888
The Corrugator Hemant Saraogi Co-Editor 9830044187,
Cost Index Aditya Raj Modi Chairman 9425019361,
FCBM-ICCMA Co-ordination Manohar Shetty Member 9845026376,
FCBM-ICCMA Co-ordination Hemant Saraogi Member 9830044187,
FCBM-ICCMA Co-ordination Rohit Chopra Member 9873407607

Disclaimer: It has come to our notice that fictitious solicitations are circulated by the name of the FCBM President on the Internet by fake email ID.

The purpose of these announcements is to obtain privileged information from individuals, or to induce people to make fraudulent payments. The matter has been referred to appropriate authorities for investigation and necessary actions.

Should you have any doubts about the authenticity of an email communication purportedly from, for, or on behalf of FCBM President, please send us an email query on before taking any further action in relation to the correspondence.

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