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   Good Day Dear Friends,

One more year is ending and a new year is about to begin. New team of office bearers have taken up the reins of FCBM.

As the President of FCBM I wish all my corrugator brothers happiness and prosperity in business and also more so in life.

Packaging industry especially corrugated industry is a major contributor to the GDP of any economy. The latest figures indicate that our country has the highest growth rate among major economies. This will create more demand for corrugated cartons because everywhere the demand growth in packaging is significantly higher than the growth rate of economy. Cartons with new designs and attractive displays suitable for modern transportation and distribution channels ultimately reaching the hands of international and domestic consumers are the direction for the future. We corrugators must decide how we handle this growth for maximum advantage.

The programmes of any Association will succeed only with the co-operation and effort of members. We can take our Federation in content and stature to the level of other major Associations in the world. FCBM should get internationally recognized like AICC and FEFCO. The best example is how FEFCO standards and designs of cartons are accepted all over the world.

We could strive to arrive at the standards and designs suitable for our economy and for international shipments. We must evolve systems and standards which will be equal or better.

Coming to India specific issues, the main matter now is the GST and its application in our day to day business. We have to study how GST affects the corrugated carton units in each state.

An online survey to collect Industry Data is being planned. All members are requested to participate and respond to the survey questionnaire positively.

An immediate and serious concern is the devastating floods in Chennai and surrounding areas. FCBM should get fully involved in assisting our fellow corrugators in their hour of need.

I take this opportunity to whole-heartedly thank all of you for electing me as the President of FCBM.

Once again I wish all of you all the best.


Sincerely Yours
Shri Greesh Sardana

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