Dear members of FCBM,

Seasons’ Greetings to one and all!!

It’s a proud privilege for me to address you as the President and thank you once again for your love & affection and giving me an opportunity to lead this fine federation for the year 2017-18.

We all had a good time at the Annual Conference in Pune and once again I heartily congratulate the Chairman, Vice Chairman and Organizing Committee for making it a grand success.

Our corrugated industry is a major contributor to the GDP of Indian economy. It is important for the industry to survive and to increase the business and that is possible only with catering to the demands of the new market development. The industrial growth can be well supported by the Federation and our Regional Associations as it has been rightly said : ‘ United We Stand…

In view of the above, I have laid down the plans and policies of “GROWTH UNLIMITED“ for the year 2017-18 and appraised the members present at the Conference. It is my pleasure to provide the brief outline of the plans and policies, and with the support of Managing Committee, Past Presidents and Regional Presidents, we shall fulfill our dreams and reach greater heights during the year.

The plans and policies of the year are as follows:

  1. Growth in Membership: To increase membership strength across our Country by the end of the year.

Target: Increase membership strength by 700 and touch 3,000 by the end of the year.

  1. Growth in Knowledge: Seminars and Workshops to be held by Regional Associations to enhance knowledge of our members in our product and innovation and development.

Target: Every Regional President to organize 3 seminars i.e. One seminar in every four months.

  1. Growth in Quality: To strengthen our R & D activities in all the respective R & D Centres and establish R & D Centres in all the other Regions who do not have their own Labs.
    Target: To set up 7 additional R & D Centres

To meet these objectives, plans & policies of the year, I am further pleased to inform that we have formed several committees which are being headed by the responsible members and the details of the same are attached herewith.

I am indeed pleased to inform that the actions have begun. Chairman of New Markets Development Committee, Shri. Milan Dey and his team have taken initiative to participate in the “World Orange Festival“  at Nagpur. This might give an opportunity to the corrugators to develop the said market. My heartiest congratulations to the Chairman and his team.

At the end I can only say, the Action Speaks !!

Hence my appeal to each and every member to come forward with your valuable suggestions, creative ideas, and positive thoughts to ensure the corrugators feel proud to be part of our Federation.

I do not believe in the word Impossible. I strongly believe that Nothing is Impossible. As it has been rightly said, When There is A Will There Is A Way. So great future awaits all of us.

Sincerely Yours
Pradip Bosmaya

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