Greetings to one and all !!

Dear Readers,

At the outset I want to express my gratitude to all members of FCBM, for entrusting me with the responsibility of leading our Federation as President during this year. I am both honoured and excited with this opportunity.

As members of FCBM - which indeed is the ‘Family of Corrugated Box Manufacturers of India’, we have to move in unison to fulfil the goals and aspirations we will set for ourselves this year.

By way of our technical programmes, new market development programmes, R & D activities amongst others I want to reach out to each and every member spread across the length and breadth of our country.

Our mutual interactions in our various programmes, at annual conferences and these days even on digital platforms like our newly launched FCBM Connect App will strengthen our bonds and demonstrate our commitment to our work in the industry and our confidence in the future of our industry.

My predecessor Shri. Pradip Bosmaya had set high-performance records that has made my tenure challenging and taking inspiration from his work I will spare no efforts in making our Federation an industrial body that others will look to emulate.

Another very popular programme initiated by Shri Pradipbhai and very aptly conducted by our Seminar and Workshop SubCommittee - Full -time Comprehensive Course in Corrugated Packaging a 2-day course, has been very well received by all our members. We are continuing with the same and it gives me great pleasure to inform all of you that we will be having our next course on 4th & 5th January in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The response from GCBMA had been very encouraging.

Along with your enthusiastic participation in all the activities of our Federation as well as our regional associations I would also seek your support to increase our
membership base. I look forward to engaging with each one of you and to draw on your expertise to set yet another benchmark in the history of our Federation, this year.

I have tried to infuse some new members within the subcommittees. In order to harness the energy of our talented and dedicated young corrugator members I have tried to give adequate representation to youth with a healthy blend of experienced minds. I am confident they will deliver on every count. Please extend your whole hearted support and cooperation to them. 

Finally, with a slew of state elections concluding, I hope there is a general upswing in our economy and we will all gain by momentum building up in the Indian industry.

Sincerely Yours
K. Arunachallam

Officio FCBM

Dear Friends,

Another year gone. Another one beckons, I wish all of you Happy New Year. New Year always brings hope and aspirations and let us start our efforts to fulfill our hope.

First of all let me sincerely thank you for the trust you bestowed in electing me to the highest office of our Federation. My predecessors have done wonderful job. We bear witness to the enduring strength of our Fraternity in Federation.

Lot many changes are taking place everyday and very positive and a matter to boost the economy, the stable government is formed, after the lapses of several years, and addressing the need to shape up India’s industrial prominence, our Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s agenda for development started with the unveil of “MAKE IN INDIA” a global phenomenon focusing on transforming the country into the world’s largest manufacturing hub.

The Make in India campaign is going to bring the packaging industry into limelight. When you “Make in India” you are going to “Pack in India”. Almost all products are being packed in corrugated Boxes. Today we continue a never ending journey to bridge the requirement of consumer by constantly innovating to keep up with changing demand as well as to stand out in increasingly competitive environment. If we update ourselves with the time, with circumstances and with new generation, having new ideas, we will have an opportunity to be more creative than ever before.

As the time has changed let us change ourselves too and pledge faithfully that we can meet any unmet demand of consumer by our innovative ideas and creations.

A number of steps have been taken by government to speed up green clearances but the government is also considering the suggestions to achieve its twin goals of economic growth and environmental protection. Save the trees, Save the planet. In order to save the trees, wooden boxes will have to be substituted by Corrugated Boxes. No doubt in most of the cases wooden boxes have already been replaced by Corrugated Boxes. But let us try to replace the same totally in the interest of balancing ecology as well as economic growth and hence it is vital that innovative ideas will only help achieve the goal.

As the “MAKE IN INDIA” campaign will trigger the manufacturing Industries, which will further trigger the consumption of packaging material this in turn will bring direct demand for techno-experts in packaging. Indian Institute of Packaging is going to start degree course is most welcome step. But the demand for qualified-technical experts cannot be met, unless- more and more academical institutions are opened up throughout the nation. Atleast all the region should organise technical sessions and educational institutes should offer the course in packaging in all regions.

E-commerce is now a booming sector in India and depends on corrugated packages, which is expected to further aid the growth in the packaging Industry. Growth of manufacturing segment in India will itself increase the need for packaging and related opportunities. There are number of companies that need packaging professionals in the country.

With the changing of time and habits of consumer we will have to think and innovate to meet consumer’s unmet needs to be successful. Incase of fruits and vegetables etc. We can definitely innovate the packaging which may help us to sell our boxes as product item instead of tailor-type item. We have already witnessed and seen the boxes of same type which can be used as product item in case of grapes, apple and mangoes packaging. It is a matter of persuasion and innovation for us to develop the boxes as product item for Lemon, Tomatoes and other variety of Vegetable & Fruits. I am more than confident and sure that our industry can and will develop such packings without fail. There are genius and innovative minds in our industry backed by the experience and highly technical seniors services at our disposal-all having welfare about the packaging industry at heart and keen to help, which has taken our Federation to such high esteemed level. So all my predecessors have offered their helping hand to me for the betterment of industry.

Even the Chairman of New Market Development- Committee Mr. Milan Dey is working very hard on all such issues-and will be happy to share the views expressed by any of our friends in FCBM. He is keen that this is the joint efforts of all the regions and all regional president has to come forward with the ideas and views for the betterment of industry. Friends let us join hands together & pave a way to tape the venues for corrugated boxes so long remaining untapped.

The team GCBMA were working day and night for the successful implementation of 43rd conference of FCBM at Udaipur in December 2014. Their admirable efficiency and warm hospitality ensure that delegates from all over India & abroad enjoyed themselves and got the most they can from the conference. The conference was filled with fellowship, fun & enrichment. I am sure those who have attended the conference carry sweet memories of the pinnacle experience at Conference in Udaipur.

To conclude I look forward to your suggestions and co-operation and support to take FCBM to further height of glory. I also seek the guidance and advise from past presidents and my seniors to steer the way to progress & glory of FCBM.

With warm Regards,

Sincerely Yours
P. S. Shah
Ex. Officio FCBM

Chairman -Website Committee

Welcome to FCBM - the Federation of Corrugated Box Manufacturers of India.

FCBM - the apex body of India’s corrugated packaging industry is regarded as one of the most active and well organized trade bodies in the country.

Activities of the FCBM include: Research & Development; Establishing and Publishing Standards and Technical Booklets; Encouraging excellence through CORRUSTAR Awards. Publishing “THE CORRUGATOR” magazine and organizing Technical Seminars.

This website keeps you informed of the activities and events of the Federation besides highlighting statutory regulations for Corrugated box makers from time to time.

We have also introduced Classified sectionfor members to make use of.

The Annual Conference of FCBM is organized and hosted by one of the Regional Associations – every year. Last year’s conference - was organized by Kerala Association.

The forthcoming 45nd FCBM Conference will be held in Chandigarh in November 2016.

All new website has been launched on 08 September 2016.

We do hope you’ll browse through the various pages and give us your feedback to enable us to update and improve the content.

Shri M V M Bharat
Website Committee

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